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1983 Press Photo Pat Collins, CBS Morning News series

Every photo in our collection is an original vintage print from a newspaper or news service archive, not a digital image. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Caption: Collins: Important showTODAY, Pat Collins, one of the more courageous show-biz reporters, is airing the second of two parts on a "CBS Morning News" series that I think affects every caring person in the nation. She dissects the slasher-slice-and-dice movies that portray women as victims of violence - brutality, rape and murder.Pat tells me that in 1982, one in 20 films contained violent acts against women. A year later, in 1983, one in eight contained the same. This year, the ratio has probably gone up. She has interviewed psychologist and experts who conclud that:* Rated movies have potentially more negative impact than X-rated porno movies.* Cable and video make R-rate films accessible to kids. A 12-year-old can rent "Dressed to Kill" (only Maryland and Tennessee legislate otherwise).* Coupling sex and violence conditions a new generation to associate the two.* A University of Wisconsin study showed that college boys sided with rapists after viewing a series of sexually violent films.* We are developing a social climate that makes acts of violence against women acceptable.* Some married women say their husbands want them to repeat brutal acts from R-rated films.* Researchers believe slasher films condition viewers to become sexually aroused by violence alone.Collins notes that, today, a naked woman making love wins the filmmaker an X-rating. But a half-naked woman being murdered by an electric drill gets an R.I think Collins' shows may be among the..

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